Take Off ya Shoes, And Relax...

Lady Of Song

Peace......The Breathe of Peace......Is what I strive for.   I am just a Human with a Purpose, a Dream to Sing, for the Healing of People.  Whatever I can do to touch the Masses, is where my Soul is smiling. 

Born and raised in the N.Y.C section of the Bronx, Life was rough for a Sister like Me,  Shy, but eager to pursue  My dreams of Music, I began singing locally.   All I want to do Is SING! Period! I love it... It's my Passion.  The" Most High" Has Blessed me with a gift to share with the World, Flaws and All.  What you'll get at A Shahada Show is a complete Soul Experience, coming from the realest places.  I have many abilities and am not in a box of one sound.  I have many sounds, which places me in a category Alone.   I Love the people and the Energy people put out.  Now residing in Atlanta Ga I have come into contact with an array of Clientele, performing at the Sweet Georgia's juke Joint, to even hitting the stage at the Fox Theater.  I've also been overwhelmed on the private sector being hired for Weddings and Birthdays, to Divorce Parties.{ I always try to stay positive and encouraging no matter what the circumstance}. {Just Laugh}. Peace n Love My People. 

Let's Build Together, So We Can Live Together, Share Peace Forever, N Love The Weather....Could That Be............................LYRICS. I Love U All.
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